Bridge Big works with various different industries with smooth connections with companies across the globe. A few of the industries that Bridge Big serves are the following:


Food & Beverage

Bridge Big works as a liaison between companies to successfully import or export any variety of food or beverage around the world. Coupled with the distribution of these items, Bridge Big assists in creating, designing and implementing custom branding programs to create high branding standards in order to get companies the exposure it deserves.


Wine & Spirits

Eliminate the hassles of the importing and exporting of alcoholic beverages, as the Bridge Big expert team is here to take care of the difficult part. We do the research for you, and identify the best producers and products in North America and Central Asia. Once identified, we optimize the best possible solutions by implementing our sourcing strategy to ensure value is being delivered.



Whether it’s providing hotel and resort guests with the luxury and comfort they deserve, or if you are a hotel supplier wanting to reach out to customers internationally, Bridge Big is ready to advise and assist with making these connections. With numerous years of experience in the business, Bridge Big will guarantee the growth of your business and ensure strong connections in the hospitality industry.


Lab and Medical Equipment

Medical supplies is a growing industry both from an import and export perspective. High technology medical supplies, Electro-medical diagnostic and imaging equipment, general medical, dental and surgical supplies lead the import and exports of the medical industry. The crew of experienced and talented professionals at Bridge Big is dedicated to import and export the medical supplies from reputed manufacturer to ensure their reliable performance in various life saving systems around the world.



As technology is constantly changing and improving, Bridge Big aims to provide companies with technological solutions to improve business procedures. By offering solutions and helping companies implement different software, Big Bridge will help companies save time and money. Whether it is software development or various different products in the technology industry, Bridge Big will find the perfect fit for your company.