Steve Wynn meets with president of Kazakhstan, the official site of the President of Kazakhstan, announced that on May 25th Wynn Resorts CEO Steven Wynn met with President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the country’s capital of Astana.

The president’s press office says that the two discussed tourism and hotel development in the country. Also touched upon, according to the report, was the possibility of cooperation on joint projects.

Although there is no confirmation that Wynn’s visit was related, it was recently announced that major plans are underway in the former Soviet block country for casino development.  One such development is planned for the Almaty region where a developer has acquired an exclusive gaming concession for the area and is envisioning several fully integrated casino resorts to participate in the venture.

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Kazakhstan to join WTO after 20 years of talks

GENEVA: Kazakhstan has completed the negotiations needed to join the World Trade Organisation, the Geneva-based trade body said in a statement, and is on track to become the 162nd WTO member by the end of the year.

Kazakhstan has spent the entire life of the 20-year-old WTO trying to join the body, and its candidacy gathered pace after its neighbour and close trade partner Russia joined in 2012. Kazakhstan is part of the Eurasian Economic Union, a regional trade grouping that includes Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus and has common tariffs for imports from outside the bloc.


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American billionaire Jim Rogers advises to invest in emerging markets like Kazakhstan

“A famous American investor and businessman Jim Rogers said in his recent interview to CNN that he continued purchasing shares of Russian companies and advised to invest in the emerging markets like Iran, Kazakhstan, North Korea and a number of African countries.”
By Assel Satubaldina

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